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Enter one of the island's underground wonders with these tickets for the Caves of Genova in Mallorca. This is a free visit where you can enjoy this special place at your own pace.

You will descend to 36 metres underground and discover how these incredible rocky bodies of spectacular colours have been formed. The visit usually lasts approximately 30 minutes, but you can stay as long as you like.

  • Enjoy a unique experience in the depths of the earth
  • Stroll at your own pace through the underground galleries on a tour of approximately 1 kilometre in length.
  • Take advantage of the convenience of free parking on site

What’s included

  • Tickets for the Caves of Genova in Majorca
  • Parking

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Step by Step

These tickets to the Genova Caves in Mallorca are the perfect opportunity to take a trip to the centre of the earth. During your visit, you will descend up to 36 metres underground to reach one of the most special places on the island.

You will walk through different underground galleries in a complete route of approximately 1 kilometre in length. As the tour progresses, you will discover the most impressive rock accumulations.

The colours will become more and more spectacular and you will wonder how Mother Nature could have created such a visual spectacle. Well, the accumulation of minerals has produced stalactites and rocks of all colours.

Please note that the free visit usually lasts about 30 minutes on average, but you can enjoy the place for as long as you need. For your convenience, free parking is available on site.


· 790 Reviews
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    It was a multi-sensory experience that transported us to a subway world full of magic.
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    During the tour, we also had the opportunity to see a sound and light show that highlighted the beauty of the caves.
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    It was fascinating to learn about the history and scientific value of this place.
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    The tour was accompanied by an expert guide who gave us detailed information about the geological formation of the caves and the fauna that inhabits them.
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