10 Things to Do in Cordoba in Summer

Do you have doubts about traveling to Cordoba in summer because of the heat? Here is a list of ideal activities for this time of the year so that you can clear your doubts.

Carla Yaquer

Carla Yaquer

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10 Things to Do in Cordoba in Summer

Alcazar Gardens in Summer | ©Juan Faraldos

This Andalusian city is well known for its high temperatures, but what few people mention is the wide range of things you can do during the summer.

Beaches, Arab baths, surfing, rafting, water parks, fairs and much more. Make the most of your visit with this kit of essential activities to cool off and make the most of the summer in Cordoba.

1. Refresh yourself in the Arab baths of Cordoba

Arab Baths of Cordoba| ©Monica Duran
Arab Baths of Cordoba| ©Monica Duran

The Arab baths are a perfect opportunity to lower your body temperature while you relax. And in Cordoba you have the opportunity to enjoy a session at Hammam Al Ándalus Cordoba, located in the heart of Cordoba, is a reflection of the Arab architecture with its courtyards and rooms.

In this experience you can enjoy a relaxing spa session, lasting approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, which includes a massage with aromatic oils, 15 or 30 minutes of your choice, and a treatment on hot stones, 15 minutes, ideal for exfoliating your body.

In addition, you will enjoy a delicious cup of traditional tea, enjoy the different thermal rooms and live a revitalizing experience!

Reserve your place at Hammam Al Ándalus Cordoba

2. Come to the Viana Palace

Interior courtyard of the Viana Palace| ©Paul VanDerWerf
Interior courtyard of the Viana Palace| ©Paul VanDerWerf

In the guided visit to the Palacio de Viana you will enter in nothing more and nothing less than five centuries, 12 patios and infinite sensations, an ideal proposal for the summer, as this contemporary palace is very cool. It is located in the Plaza de Don Gome and you can get there using the tourist bus of Cordoba.

This stately palace has more than 6,500 square meters in which hundreds of traditions and memories are concentrated, an important part of the Andalusian heritage. In addition, it houses a dozen courtyards and a garden of 1,200 meters, a space designed to meet the needs of its inhabitants, as well as the conditions of the environment.

In summer, one of the reasons to visit this palace, besides the coolness, is the Senses Concerts season. In the Patio de las Columnas there is a rich concert program that is renewed annually for the audience. Include this palace in your travel itinerary. Beyond being an Andalusian monument, it is a museum where every corner tells a story!

Book a guided tour of the Palacio de Viana

3. Take refuge from the heat at the Mosque-Cathedral

Columns inside the Mosque| ©Shadowgate
Columns inside the Mosque| ©Shadowgate

Known today as the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady, it is the third largest mosque in the world after only the Mecca Mosque, and the Blue Mosque, one of the top 10 mosques in Istanbul.

The Tower of the mosque, a work of Hernan Ruiz III is considered the skyline of Cordoba thanks to its 55 meters high that keep the temple cool for the millions of visitors who congregate there. This is the main reason to visit it at this time of the year. In addition, August 15 is celebrated the Day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, patron saint of the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

The passage through the place is already a must when it comes to Cordoba and summer is the ideal time for the warm temperature that is preserved inside. The double arches, its impressive mihrab, the passage through the Muslim and Christian culture, in addition to its history dating back to 786, led this place to its recognition as a World Heritage Site in 1984. There is much to know in this sacred space, one of the most visited monuments in Spain. I recommend that you book your visit to the Mosque to not miss any detail.

Book your visit to the Mosque

4. Lower the temperature in the Botanical Garden

Entrance to the Royal Botanical Garden| ©Justojosemm
Entrance to the Royal Botanical Garden| ©Justojosemm

The botanical garden of Cordoba is a natural paradise that offers a perfect refuge for a summer afternoon. During your visit to this spectacular space you will walk through 7.5 hectares of beautifully landscaped grounds.

The arboretum represents a natural forest, you pass through different greenhouses, the agricultural school and the rose garden where you will find all kinds of different gardens. In addition, there is a museum containing information about different types of flora, a stone forest, a plant culture center, an agricultural school and of course, a Patio Cordobés.

The Hydraulic Museum integrates the Molino de Martos with information about the history through culture, water management and tradition in the use of plants in the route of the mills. This is a space to relax and get in touch with nature and you can visit it from 3 €. It is located on Linneo Avenue, 800 meters from the Alcázar. In fact, visitors usually come after the guided tour of the Alcazar.

Book your guided tour of the Alcazar of Cordoba

5. Celebrate the Virgen del Carmen Day

Outside the Mosque-Cathedral| ©Antonio Salas
Outside the Mosque-Cathedral| ©Antonio Salas

In summer there is also space for Christian festivities and every July 16 the Carmelites participate in the procession to venerate the Virgin.

It is an important moment in the Christian tradition. Believers or not, the energy spreads to the surroundings inviting the whole town to participate in the event and live a day to remember. Whether you are in the Mosque-Cathedral or in any other church in the city, join this liturgical celebration.

Book your visit to the Mosque

6. Enjoy the events of the Summer Nights in Cordoba.

Cordoba by night| ©kare_chin
Cordoba by night| ©kare_chin

During the summer, the nights are hectic in Cordoba: theater festivals, concerts, festivals and tablaos everywhere. Come on! Let's get the nightlife going!

Check out the billboard of events and remember that Cordoba is one of the cradles of flamenco and you can book your ticket for a flamenco show.

On the other hand, don't forget the traditional summer cinema. Also known as cinema by the light of the moon, these are screenings that take place around the historic center to present the best of the season and with solidarity prices, from 3.5 €. In the four venues set up for the event, popcorn is exchanged for snacks. This is a perfect family event to add to the list of things to see and do in Cordoba with children in summer.

  • Cine Delicias, at Calle de los Frailes, 10.
  • Cine Coliseo San Andrés, on Calle Fernán Pérez de Oliva, 6.
  • Olimpia Cinema, on Zarco Street.
  • Fuenseca Cinema, at Plaza de la Fuenseca.

Book your ticket for a flamenco show

7. Take your family to the best water parks in Cordoba

Aquasierra Water Park| ©David Martínez Ferre
Aquasierra Water Park| ©David Martínez Ferre

It is worth mentioning that almost all hotels in Cordoba have swimming pools. However, the Aquasierra Water Park and the Assuan pools offer much more than just a dip in a pool.


In Aquasierra you will find 12 attractions and a children's pool -take note to take the kids with you- this park is a must in summer. For the daredevils there is the Kamikaze slide or the dragon's tongue. Other attractions are quieter, such as the adventure river, its snails or its spaces such as the lake pool.

Its greatest advantage is the wide range of services available: you can have lunch in its restaurant or take your food and have a picnic in the picnic area. Do not hesitate to choose light and typical dishes such as salmorejo or paella so that digestion is not too heavy in the heat. And if you want to learn how to prepare them, learn new recipes or perfect the technique, do not hesitate to book a cooking class of paella and salmorejo, an ideal plan!

  • Address. Carretera Córdoba, CO-3103, Km. 2, 5.
  • Price. From 11 €, depending on the height of the visitor.
  • Public transport. You can get there by taking the bus of the Cordoba Bus Line, in front of the train station, next to the archaeological site of Cercadilla.

Assuan Pools

The Assuan Pools is a more traditional attraction. Since 1975 they opened their doors as the largest pools in Cordoba. Their service is equally charming. The mission is to spend a fun day with the family.

The facilities stand out for the spaciousness of its pools. There are 18,000 square meters of pure fun and the facilities are regularly modernized. This is the ideal place for families with small children. The slides are for children and there is a park in its green areas.

Assuan also has a restaurant, store, hammock rental, floats and its parking area is free of charge.

  • Address. Road from Cordoba to Villaviciosa, km. 9.8.
  • Price. From 10 € for adults and 6.5 € for children between 3 and 12 years old.
  • Public transport. Line 76 of the Aucorsa bus at Plaza de Colón de Las Jaras (in front of the Jardines de la Merced, one of the stops of the tourist bus of Córdoba), will leave you at the entrance of the park.

8. Bathe in the beaches of Cordoba

La Colada Beach| ©tutto
La Colada Beach| ©tutto

This province, unlike the coastal areas, has its inland beaches. These are three seaside resorts that depend on the reservoirs or marshes where they are located. This is how we find them:

  • La Colada Beach. It is located near the Guadamatilla River in El Viso. It has a capacity of 286 people. This is a serene place. After your cocktail, take a seat or take a swim in its calm waters.
  • La Breña II Beach. In Almodóvar the bathers have this beach with a capacity for 100 people. It offers so many activities around that it is a great alternative to the plans to see and do in Cordoba in 2 days.
  • Valdearenas Beach. Located in the Iznájar reservoir, the largest reservoir in Andalusia, it is very popular in the area. In its fresh waters you can practice various water sports such as kayaking and sailing.

Apart from water sports for you, it is also possible to bring your pets. Yes, there is a dog-friendly beach here. This is fun for the whole family. Know the details.

Did you know that

La Playa Valdearenas will be a pioneer in renewable energy in the area, after having two electrosolar tourist boats to practice ecotourism.

9. Kayaking on the Guadalquivir River

Kayaking on the Guadalquivir River| ©Daniel
Kayaking on the Guadalquivir River| ©Daniel

Kayak tours or kayaking are activities that scream summer by all accounts. Canoeing or kayaking on the Guadalquivir River is suitable for novice and expert paddlers alike on the calm waters of this river. In fact, it is part of the best things to see and do in Cordoba with children for the fun offered.

During the tour you can appreciate the Isla de las Esculturas, the Sotos de la Albolafia and the stretch between the bridge of San Rafael and Andalusia. You also have the opportunity to appreciate the Mosque of Cordoba from a distance. The tour usually lasts 2 hours and allows you to see the Andalusian city from a different perspective.

Excursions often depart from the pier of the Botanical Garden. Sign up for one of these summer activities, available from 30 €.

10. Visit the waterfalls of Cordoba

The waterfalls of Las Chorreras| ©JamesNarmer
The waterfalls of Las Chorreras| ©JamesNarmer

When the sun is hot there are some places that offer crystal clear waters and relaxing sounds. That is the case of the waterfalls, those natural streams of water that fall from the tops of the mountains. In the nearby sierra you will find several of them, such as:

Las Chorreras waterfalls.

You find the waterfalls of Las Chorreras in Zuheros when walking along the path of the river Bailon, in the Natural Park of the Sierras Subbeticas.

Following the path to the village of Zuheros you can enjoy two waterfalls and a curious river, as well as panoramic views of the countryside. To get there the best alternative is by car on the N-432. The 1 hour drive is very nice and the reward is worth it.

The waterfalls of La Gargantilla

In these falls you can plunge into the bed of the stream of La Gargantilla, visit a cave and follow the path of petrified trees of the Sierra de Tejeda between Pozoblanco and Villaharta.

Reach the waterfalls of La Gargantilla by approaching its namesake, Cascada de La Gargantilla.

  • How to get there: like its predecessor in this list, by the N-432. In this case it will take less time, only 45 minutes.

The Baths of Poppea, the fountain of the elephant and the Bejarano Stream

The walk begins by visiting a water fountain from the tenth century baptized as the Elephant Fountain, a reminder of the splendor of the Caliphate of Cordoba. It is worth mentioning that this is the ideal trail for beginners. The circular route offers a low degree of difficulty.

Walking through Santa María de Trassierra is an experience as charming as refreshing in the middle of a landscape of 10. Along the trail you will find several waterfalls and backwaters until you reach the Arroyo Bejarano for a good swim. Of course, do not forget to appreciate the beauty around the Arroyo Molino, a must among visitors to the area.

Would you like to know what this magical trio looks like, take a look at this video. Then you will be ready to pack your backpack and head to Santa María de Trassierra. If you go by private car you must take the road to Trassierra CO-3402. You can also get there by public transport with the buses from Cordoba. It will take 35-37 minutes to the station La Virgencita, where the elephant fountain will open the door to your excursion to the Baths of Poppea.

Did you know that

The waterfalls of La Gargantilla gained popularity in 2008 when the director Antonio Giménez Rico filmed the movie El libro de las aguas, an adaptation of the novel of the same name that recalled the beauty of these waterfalls.

What is the weather like in Córdoba in summer?

Tourist bus of Cordoba| ©Magaly
Tourist bus of Cordoba| ©Magaly

As you have seen, there are many plans and activities to see and do in Cordoba regardless of the time of year. Of course, during the months of June, July and August, the lands of Cordoba reach the highest temperatures in Europe. The average mercury during these months is 40°, so bring cool clothes in your suitcase and try to stay hydrated.

And if when you arrive in the city, it is too hot to book a guided tour of Cordoba, remember that you can comfortably get to know the city on the Cordoba City Sightseeing tourist bus

Book the City Sightseeing tourist bus