Madeira Dolphin and Whale Watching Catamaran Cruise

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Experience Highlights

This catamaran trip departs from the port of Funchal and arrives at Cabo Girão, the highest cliff in Europe. During the trip you can enjoy the island's silhouette - dotted with cliffs and lush hillsides - and spot dolphins and cetaceans.

The expert crew will accompany you during this experience, which lasts approximately 3 hours and can be done twice a day: in the morning or in the afternoon.

  • Admire the cliffs and mountains of Madeira from the ocean.
  • See dolphins, fin whales, sperm whales, sperm whales and other cetaceans close-up
  • Enjoy a stop for snorkelling or swimming (in summer)

What’s included

  • Catamaran cruise

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Step by Step

This catamaran excursion lasts approximately 3 hours and departs from the port of Funchal. The activity is available all year round, normally in two time slots: morning and afternoon. After leaving the coast, you will be able to admire the silhouette of Madeira and its steep cliffs overlooking the ocean.

The boat heads towards Cabo Girão, a cliff that is almost 600 metres high. From the water you can see the funicular railway that links the summit to a small beach with tiny terraced orchards: the Fajãs do Cabo Girão.

In the warmer months, the route usually has a stop for swimming or snorkelling. In any case, you can take advantage of the crossing to admire the marine fauna. The following species are frequently sighted in Madeira's waters:

  • Bottlenose dolphin - Lives in temperate and tropical seas around the world, is particularly sociable and has a conical body that eliminates friction with the water.
  • Sperm whale - recognisable by two unique features: the huge head and the blowhole on the left side. It is the cetacean that inspired the novel "Moby Dick".
  • False killer whale - Distinguished by its habit of swimming fast and making frequent jumps out of the water. Thanks to this ability, it is able to hunt prey such as tuna and barracuda.
  • Beaked whales - Shy and secretive animals that spend most of their time underwater. They don't come close to boats, but with a bit of luck you can spot them in the distance.
  • This sea is also home to killer whales, humpback whales, fin whales, Atlantic spotted dolphins and more.

They are abundant in all seasons, although their numbers increase between April and September. The crew will help you spot them.

If you wish, you can liven up your trip at the bar on board.


· 1613 Reviews
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    all out of ten.
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    We loved it, we will surely repeat it when we return to Madeira.
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    Overall good, I really liked the experience. At times I felt dizzy but they told me it was normal. The staff was very attentive, I did not get to see many animals, but it is still worth the recommendation.
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    A beauty!
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