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Get these tickets for direct access to the Museum of Religious Art in Cuzco, so you won't have to wait in line. In addition to seeing the works up close, you will also be able to enter the museum's catacombs. Inside this Archbishop's Palace you will see works from the period of the Cuzco School, as well as an original Inca stone.

  • Get direct access to the Museum of Religious Art of Cuzco with these tickets
  • You will be able to see works from the Cuzco School, as well as the famous twelve-sided stone from the Inca period.
  • The ticket will also give you access to the museum's catacombs.

What’s included

  • Tickets for the Museum of Religious Art of Cuzco
  • Queue-free access guaranteed
  • Access to the catacombs

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Enter the Cuzco Museum of Religious Art with these tickets, which was the former home of the archbishop of Cuzco. These will give you direct access to the interior, which means you will pass through without having to wait in line.

When you make this reservation you set a day for your visit, however, the time is free. This means that throughout the day, you can visit at any time you want, always within the opening hours.

Inside you can see a large number of paintings and religious artefacts from the colonial period. The museum itself was also built in colonial style, with a large Renaissance courtyard where you can sit and relax. In addition to access to the museum, these tickets will also allow you to enter the catacombs of the palace.

You can therefore learn about the colonial influences on what was once the central city of the Inca Empire. The museum also houses a part of this ancient civilisation, as you will be able to see up close the twelve-angled stone, which is considered an Inca national treasure.


· 320 Reviews
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    A museum that did not live up to my expectations, but still managed to arouse my curiosity on more than one occasion. Good visit, I leave happy for everything I learned.
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    A very enjoyable and pleasant visit.
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    One of the most beautiful museums I have visited during my vacations in Peru. The content inside is incredible and it is very nice to observe and learn about each work of art presented.
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