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Experience this recreational and artistic space in Amsterdam with your ticket to the WONDR Experience. This is an art and entertainment leisure centre filled with rooms decorated with elements of Dutch artists, full of colour and confetti, where you'll have a great time. To enhance the experience, the approximate number of participants in each activity will be 10 people.

For approximately 1.5 hours you will enjoy multiple colourful scenarios and innovative activities, such as confetti showers, bathing in the sugar cloud pool and photo shoots.

  • Experience a unique experience at WONDR Experience, Amsterdam's most original recreational and artistic space.
  • Embark on an adventure full of decorations, imagination, colours and fun in a space that combines a playground and a museum.
  • Have fun with your loved ones with activities such as hilarious photo shoots , a sugar cloud bath or dancing under a shower of confetti.

What’s included

  • Entrance to WONDR Experience
  • Access to Café Galaxy
  • Lockers
  • Photos, videos and gifs sent to your email after the visit

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This is an activity that combines art and play in the most original way. Enjoy your ticket to WONDR Experience, Amsterdam's first space dedicated to fun and play. It is a place that unites museum, art gallery and recreational space, where styles and activities converge, from swimming in a pool of sugar clouds to dancing under a shower of confetti.

The experience lasts about an hour and a half and to optimise it, the approximate number of participants in this activity will be 10. The strong point of this activity is to share new experiences, explore and learn about different artistic styles and also to stimulate the imagination while playing games and taking pictures.

WONDR Experience has 1200 m2 and 15 different interactive spaces . The aim of this place is to combine a recreational area with an art gallery/museum. Fun activities are combined with colourful decorations by Dutch artists and designers who have worked together to create a unique and immersive experience.

Swimming in a pool of sugar clouds, exploring a rainforest, dancing on a dance floor under a shower of confetti, writing on the walls and photo shoots taken by strategically placed cameras are just some of the activities you will enjoy here.

WONDR Experience is the perfect place to stimulate your senses and your imagination, take original photos for your Instagram with your friends in an interactive session that evokes inspiration, playfulness and pure fun.


· 9166 Reviews
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    The staff is friendly, helpful in taking photos and gives advice on the best pose.
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    Great! Lots of fun! A great experience. A fantastic and photogenic experience. This is where memorable memories are made, for young and old alike.
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    The hygiene concept is great, one staff member per room and they make sure that there are never too many people in a room and that everyone disinfects their hands when entering a new room.
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    An unusual, interactive, but very interesting and fun experience. Some parts didn't make any sense, but that's the point and it was great to explore a different side of Amsterdam.
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