Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague Day Trip from Amsterdam

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Experience Highlights

Discover the architectural and natural wonders of the Netherlands on this tour of Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague.

You'll leave Amsterdam early in the morning to make the most of the day and explore destinations such as Delft, a small but beautiful city famous for its ceramic art, which you'll appreciate when you visit the Royal Delft factory.

In The Hague, you'll pass historic sites that are the seat of government, such as the Dutch Parliament and the Peace Palace, as well as the Madurodam Museum, which recreates the city on a small scale, with interactive stations.

You'll take a cruise along Rotterdam's canals and have the opportunity to walk the streets and visit the Markthal Market, where you can experience the local culture and flavours in a wide range of food and gastronomy.

  • Explore Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague, three must-see cities in the Netherlands.
  • Visit the Madurodam Museum, a miniature exhibition of the city with all the artistic details.
  • Take a cruise on the Meuse River and visit the Markthal Market in Rotterdam.

What’s included

  • Excursion to Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague from Amsterdam
  • Air-conditioned luxury coach tour
  • Visit to the miniature park Madurodam
  • 1 hour cruise

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Step by Step

Get to know three must-see cities in the Netherlands on this day trip to Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague, departing from Amsterdam.

You'll travel by luxury air-conditioned coach to the most iconic s ights of these three key sightseeing destinations in the Dutch region.

A professional guide will accompany you throughout the tour to illustrate the history, culture and historical importance of the sites.

When you arrive in Delft, you will see one of the most charming cities in the Netherlands. You will see monuments such as the New Church, an imposing building over 100 metres high where the remains of some members of the royal family lie.

You will enter the spectacular Royal Delft pottery factory, where the famous blue ceramic art is created, reflecting the glorious past and present of the region in a very particular way, illustrating it in these unique pieces.

Another favourite stop for visitors is the popular medieval leaning tower, which is part of the Old Church, and is a tower that is about two metres crooked and, from some angles, appears to be falling down - although it is perfectly safe for the time being.

In the streets, bridges and alleys surrounding the canals of this town, you'll see a charming mix of medieval Dutch Golden Age architecture and novel structures.

The Hague is home to the seats of governmental and institutional powers of the Netherlands, such as the Dutch Parliament Binnenhoff, the Peace Palace and the impressive Madurodam Museum, a miniature park that you can visit on this tour.

As you enter the park, you'll see a miniature recreation of the city, with interactive stations that allow you to explore the city in just a few steps, appreciating the urban and cultural features that make it one of the most important areas in the country.

The Rotterdam experience will show you one of the most important ports in Europe, the Europoort, which you will visit before boarding a boat for an unforgettable cruise of approximately one hour, where you will cruise along the canals fed by the waters of the river Meuse.

Back on land, you'll stroll through Markthal, Rotterdam's amazing food market, where you'll have the chance to feel like a local and discover the gastronomic delicacies of the Netherlands (lunch not included in the tour).


· 6071 Reviews
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    The only recommendation I could give is to wear good shoes to be comfortable. After that, everything was perfect. We did not have a single discomfort in the whole process of booking and visiting.
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    Although it is a long trip, you enjoy every minute of it and it is not heavy at all. Everything was very interesting.
  • E
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    We were amazed with the great ability of our guide to speak English and Spanish. Both languages were understood very well.
  • S
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    I chose this tour especially because I saw Madurodam and I knew my kids would love it. Indeed they did...but I was even more delighted. It was very curious to see everything in miniature, exactly like the original.
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