10 Things to Do in Mexico City in April

Mexico City is full of colors during the month of April. Easter parades, Children's Day activities and free festivals are organized.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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10 Things to Do in Mexico City in April

Streets of Mexico | ©Jezael Melgoza

During April, Mexico City is full of fun activities, such as food festivals, events celebrating spring, and the chance to climb the Torre Latinoamericana or take a trajinera ride in Xochimilco. You can also take a night walk, have a picnic in the Botanical Garden or go for a swim in the spas.

Mexico City never sleeps and is a historic capital that offers a variety of events, festivals and monuments that I recommend you to visit. The best time to visit is during April, a month corresponding to spring activities. It is characterized for being sunny, with pleasant temperatures, affordable lodging prices, discounts on attractions and the guarantee of enjoying outdoor activities, since rainfall is unusual.

1. Explore the festivals in Mexico City during April

Enjoying the Festival| ©Gonzalo Facello
Enjoying the Festival| ©Gonzalo Facello

Mexican celebrations and festivals have a particular charm. Music, food and cultural performances are the protagonists of each event. April brings together some of the best things to do in Mexico City.

Vive Latino Music Festival

The Vive Latino Music Festival is one of the most important musical events in the country and Latin America, held annually between March and April. It features artists of different genres, as well as activities, food stands and areas to buy records. You can also enjoy the Musical Village, where workshops, conferences and autograph signings are given completely free of charge.

Tickets range from 100 to 282 Є, the most expensive ones include private areas, rest areas near the main stage, wifi, among others.

Texcoco International Festival

Take your car and leave the city to visit the small town of Texcoco, where the Texcoco International Festival is held. It is an ideal plan, since many artists perform live, there are mechanical games, livestock exhibitions and traditional Mexican food.

Tickets range from 15 to 156 Є, depending on how close to the stage you want to be located. You can find more information on the official website.

Taking advantage of your visit to town, you can visit the Autocinema Quinta which has stunning views of Lake Texcoco, you can also stop by the Museo Regional del Pulque y el Maguey where you can taste authentic Mexican beverages.

If you still want to continue exploring, I invite you to the Tetzcotzinco Archaeological Zone to discover all about Mexico' s ancestral past or the Ex Convent of Coatlinchan that fuses Spanish and Mexican culture.

Historic Downtown Festival

Every year the Festival del Centro Histórico enlivens the most important architectural zone of the city, you will find art exhibitions, dance and music shows, opera performances and local food stalls.

Many activities are free and it is one of the oldest festivals in the country. It also has a variety of entertainment options for children. The main locations for this festival's events are the National Museum of Art, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Franz Mayer Museum. Other attractions in the area include:

  • Corredor Cultural Madero, the street of hidden talents and crafts, ideal for exploring stores, cafes and bookstores.
  • Mercado Ciudadela, an ideal place to spend the afternoon exploring typical crafts of the region.
  • La Peninsular, visit one of the most emblematic cantinas in the city, where authentic Mexican traditions are maintained.

Flower Festival

Nature lovers can enjoy the Flower Festival held in the Historic Center of the city, a completely free event with a variety of entertaining attractions. There are floral exhibitions prepared by landscapers and discounts are offered in the surrounding stores. To celebrate, other activities are held at other monuments in the area, such as the Templo Mayor Museum, which exhibits works inspired by flowers.

A similar option is the Spring Garden, which is held twice a year: in March and April. In the Zócalo square there are booths covered by monuments whose design is inspired by flowers.

There are parades, artificial and natural gardens, food stands, picnic areas and live music. Also, between the last weeks of March and the first days of April, the Noche de Primavera (Spring Night) takes place, where more than 400 artists perform at different points of the Historic Center.

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2. Attend the Holy Week parades and processions

Iztapalapa Stations of the Cross| ©Mittchel Alcantara
Iztapalapa Stations of the Cross| ©Mittchel Alcantara

Easter traditions are a very important part of Mexican culture, therefore, its inhabitants show their respect through food, dances, parades and processions. The patron saint events are distributed throughout the week, in different parts of the city.

Viacrucis Iztapalapa

The Viacrucis Iztapalapa is a procession that through a representation pays homage to the Passion of Christ. It takes place in the area of Cerro la Estrella and is a very old tradition that has been developed since 1843. Different scenes are recreated such as the Last Supper, the washing of the feet and the betrayal of Judas. It is a long walk, so I recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

Visit the 7 temples

In many cities around the world, the visit of the 7 temples or monuments takes place, to symbolically accompany Jesus Christ during the crucifixion. Mexico City is no exception and is one of the most important traditions during Holy Week, most temples are concentrated in the Historic Center, the most visited being the Parish of the Holy Veracruz, the Church of the Profesa and the Temple of San Francisco.

Taste the typical dishes of Holy Week

During Holy Week there are days when it is considered inappropriate to eat meat, so you will find different proposals in the city's restaurants, such as sopa de habas con nopales (bean soup with nopales) prepared with chicken and vegetables, capirotada (a pudding with bread), different dishes where fish and lentils are the protagonists. The tradition of the 7 potajes is also celebrated, which consists of a variety of stews exclusive to this season.

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3. Refresh yourself in the city's spas

Spa in Mexico| ©zscezsar
Spa in Mexico| ©zscezsar

During April the city can experience some hot days, I recommend adding to your itinerary ideal places to cool off, such as the city's spas. The pools of Balneario Elba are a great option to take a refreshing dip, organize a barbecue or enjoy a meal by the water's edge. Admission is around 4 Є, so it's an economical plan not to be missed.

Another option is to go to the Jajalpa y Águilas Japan Water Park, which has two spas completely free of charge.

4. Enjoy the exhibitions and fairs

Enchiladas| ©camknows
Enchiladas| ©camknows

In Mexico City there are still many activities to continue enjoying the month of April. You can take a gastronomic tour of the city, visit fairs or art exhibitions.

Taste Mexican enchiladas

The National Enchilada Fair is one of the most important gastronomic festivals in Mexico, to enjoy it you must move to the southeast of the city, where you will find a variety of stalls offering dishes where enchiladas are the protagonists. There are dance shows, live music and mechanical games. This fair can also be enjoyed between August and September.

MUFO Exhibition

One of the best museums in Mexico City is the Museum of the Future, better known as MUFO. The exhibitions are held between March and May, its proposal invites you to live through the senses, you can enjoy optical illusions, tastings, Metaverse galleries, and live music with dimensional effects.

The entrance goes from 8 to 18 Є. This museum is closed the rest of the year, so I recommend visiting in April.

5. Take a night tour

Palacio de Bellas Artes at night| ©Sir_Lee_
Palacio de Bellas Artes at night| ©Sir_Lee_

During the night Mexico City lights up and there are places you can't miss. The best option to enjoy it to the fullest is to take a touristic bus tour that will take you to know the best of the city, so you can visit the Historic Center, Polanco, Basilica or South Coyoacan, with audio guided commentary.

You can also sign up for a night guided tour of the city, this way you will feel safer and you will be able to know the history in depth by the hand of a professional guide. Some sites you can visit are:

  • The National Palace, which houses the history of the country and has artistic exhibitions, murals and other cultural representations.
  • The Palace of Fine Arts, one of the most important attractions of the capital, where the National Museum of Architecture is located and where you can see models of the main buildings. There are also murals, exhibitions and a dance company that organizes shows.
  • The Metropolitan Cathedral, considered one of the most important churches in the city, both for its history and architecture.

Traveller Tip

Some areas of Mexico City are unsafe, especially at night. It is advisable to take group tours with a professional guide.

6. Climb the Torre Latinoamericana

Latin American Tower| ©Alvaro Sánchez
Latin American Tower| ©Alvaro Sánchez

One of the best months to climb the Torre Latinoamericana is April, as the views are clear and the colors of the sky are photo-worthy. It is considered one of the tallest buildings in Latin America and during this month there are fun activities such as yoga classes at the top of the city.

On the 41st floor is the Miralto restaurant, ideal for a midday stop. Another option is to stop by the museums to learn about the history of the tower and its relevance to the city, or purchase a souvenir in the gift store. Of course, the main attraction is the observation deck that resembles the Empire State Building in New York.

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7. Participate in the evening picnic in Chapultepec Forest.

Chapultepec Forest| ©luuzzy :)
Chapultepec Forest| ©luuzzy :)

A free experience that you can't miss is the series of picnics that take place in the forest of Chapultepec Botanical Garden. To enjoy the experience I recommend you to arrive early and bring your own equipment to organize a meal on the green areas, such as a tablecloth, basket, and of course, warm clothes because at night the temperatures cool down considerably. The rest of the year there is one picnic a month, depending on the weather.

8. Take a ride on a trajinera through the colorful canals of Xochimilco

Xochimilco| ©Anne and David
Xochimilco| ©Anne and David

Xochimilco is one of the most famous areas of Mexico City, spring rides in April are ideal, since the pleasant temperatures allow you to tour the eleven piers that correspond to Nuevo Nativitas, Las Flores, Zacapa, Caltongo, Salitre, San Cristobal, Belem, Belem de las Flores, Cuemanco, Fernando Celada and Puente de Urrutia.

I recommend at least one day to get to know the area, in the surroundings you will find other activities and you can take a bike tour to explore in depth. If you want to enjoy a ride on a trajinera I recommend you go to the Salitre pier, which also has sport boats.

If you go by car you can leave it in one of the parking lots near the canals, and walk through El Bosque de Nativitas, the Madreselva Plant and Flower Market and the Isla de las Muñecas, a peculiar place whose entrance fee is 2 Є and is full of antique dolls. An excellent option for lunch is the Manantiales Restaurant.

9. Celebrate International Book Day

Person Reading| ©Joel Muniz
Person Reading| ©Joel Muniz

April 23 is International Book Day, in Mexico City it is considered a very important day, so you will find workshops, children's talks, book clubs, book launches, events at major publishers in the city, documentary screenings and fairs. The locations where you can enjoy the events include bookstores, museums, cultural centers and the streets of the Historic Center.

In addition, you can visit the Fiesta del Libro y la Rosa, which has a varied itinerary that includes forums and readings aloud, among others.

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10. Go to the free events during Children's Day

Children's Day| ©Tania Victoria
Children's Day| ©Tania Victoria

Children's Day is very important in Mexico, as it commemorates the child casualties during World War I. On this day a festival is held in the Zocalo square with music, fairs with roller coasters and food stalls. Half an hour from downtown is the National Center for the Arts, which organizes games, theater, workshops and activities for children.

The museums and libraries also have areas for children and the Virtual Aquarium organizes interactive games, such as the navigation simulator, terraces and outdoor areas. Some parks organize camps and the planetarium is an excellent option for sharing.

In the streets you will see children with crazy hairstyles, a tradition used in the schools and districts of Mexico City.

Other things to see and do in Mexico City in April

Catrina| ©Karelman
Catrina| ©Karelman

There are still many festivals you can visit, attractions to book and activities worthwhile. Some of the lesser known ones that take place in April are:

  • Mezcalverso Fest, is a bazaar that takes place during April that admits pets and whose entrance is free. If you want to try the typical cochinita pibil, tacos or quesadillas, you will find food stands with a variety of proposals. The main protagonist of this event is mezcal, a Mexican drink that will keep you in the mood.
  • Cantinas, many cantinas hold events during the month of April, some offer dances where the protagonists are the famous catrinas.
  • Festival Vaivén, come to the Jardines de México and enjoy a musical experience. You must bring everything you need, as re-entry is not allowed. In the facilities there are themed gardens, food stands, beverage bars, lockers and camping areas. In addition, parking is free, so you can arrive in your car.

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