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Roma Pass is a pass that allows you to visit the most famous monuments and attractions and use public transport with unlimited travel. The duration of the pass is 72 hours. Once purchased, you will need to exchange your voucher for a pass at specific points in the city centre. You can also use the public toilets at P.Stop.

  • Choose 2 attractions from a long list of Rome's most interesting attractions to get in for free and receive discounts from the third attraction onwards.
  • Enjoy unlimited public transport during the 3 days of validity of the pass.
  • Use the P.Stop network of public toilets

What’s included

  • 3-day Rome Pass
  • Entrance to 2 attractions to choose from a long list of tourist sites
  • Unlimited public transport (bus, metro and tram for 72 hours)
  • Access to the network of sanitary toilets P.Stop

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Step by Step

The Roma Pass is valid for 72 hours. During this time, you will be able to use the Italian capital's public transport (bus, metro and tram) with unlimited travel. In addition, you will be able to choose 2 attractions from a long list of tourist attractions in the city to organise your stay in the Roman capital to your liking.

These are the attractions you can access with your Roma Pass. Remember to choose 2 of them and check if any of them need to be booked in advance so you don't have any problems on the day of your visit. If you want to visit more than 2 attractions, remember that from the third one you will have discounts with your pass.

  • Accademia di San Luca - Picture gallery with masterpieces by Van Dyck, Jacopo da Bassano and other artists.
  • Circus Maximus Experience - Virtual and augmented reality that recreates a day at the Circus Maximus.
  • Colosseum - The undisputed symbol of the city and a privileged space for any kind of show and celebration in ancient Rome (time slot bookable)
  • Crypt Balbi - An underground museum that illustrates the development of the city
  • Roman Forum - The best-preserved ruins of Rome
  • Imperial Forums and Trajan's Market - The nerve centre of political, religious and commercial activity in ancient Rome
  • Borghese Gallery - Eight rooms filled with masterpieces such as Paolina Borghese Bonaparte as Venus Victrix and The Rape of Proserpina (timetable slot to book)
  • National Gallery of Ancient Art - Hosted in Palazzo Barberini and Palazzo Corsini
  • National Gallery of Modern Art - More than 20,000 works from the 19th century to the present day.
  • Galleria Spada - Stately residence and Baroque masterpiece. It houses an art collection with works from the 16th and 17th centuries and is famous above all for the false perspective of the Galleria Prospettica.
  • Monte Palatino - The original nucleus of the Eternal City.
  • Casal de' Pazzi Museum - houses artefacts from Palaeolithic Rome.
  • Museum of Roman Civilisation - Illustrates the customs and traditions of ancient Rome
  • Museum of the Ara Pacis - Roman memorial dedicated to peace. It is protected by a structure designed by the American Richard Meier.
  • National Museum of Palazzo Venezia
  • National Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo - The famous castle of the Eternal City houses works of art and utensils of the Italian army.
  • Capitoline Museums - Entitles you to enter the Palazzo Nuovo and the Palazzo dei Conservatori. The most famous work is undoubtedly the Capitoline She-wolf.
  • Museums of Villa Torlonia - It consists of two structures: the Museum of the Villa (dedicated to the works of the Roman School of the 19th century) and the Museum of the Casina delle Civette, dedicated to the stained glass windows.
  • Palazzo Altemps - Renaissance building housing works of antiquity, mainly Greek, Roman and Egyptian.
  • Palazzo Massimo - Known for its Greek sculptures, sarcophagi and splendid Roman frescoes.
  • Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica - Ancient Ostia is situated at the mouth of the Tiber River and was an important military and commercial centre. There are well-preserved remains of taverns, dwellings, temples, a theatre and the baths dedicated to Neptune.
  • Baths of Caracalla (RV Experience) - Special visors will transport you to the baths of the past.
  • Baths of Diocletian - Monumental thermal complex in the heart of the Eternal City. It took only eight years to build and could accommodate up to 3,000 people.

You have to exchange your voucher for a pass at the tourist centres in Via Marco Minghetti, corner of Via del Corso, Piazza Pia (Castel Sant'Angelo), Via dei Fori Imperiali or at Rome's Ciampino or Fiumicino airports.

In addition, you are entitled to use the P.Stop network of public toilets. They are clean and located throughout the old town.


· 9514 Reviews
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    It was great to get to know Rome like this, it deserves the recommendation.
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    I love it!
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