Best Frascati Day Trips from Rome

Frascati is one of the historical cities located on the top of a hill, where you can taste the best Italian wines.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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Best Frascati Day Trips from Rome

Frascati | ©Simone Ramella

Visiting Frascati means learning more about the history of the 12 noble Tusculan villas, located in the municipalities of Frascati, Monte Porzio Catone and Grottaferrata. Composed of summer villas, it is also an emblem of Italian national wine, so a trip to this enclave is one of the best plans to add to your list of things to see and do in Rome.

Are you ready to go on an excursion and enjoy the atmosphere of a small and picturesque town?

1. Half Day Excursion to Frascati by train from Rome

Train| ©Mattia Deambrogio
Train| ©Mattia Deambrogio

One of the most enjoyable ways to get to Frascati is by train. The convenience of this means of transportation, which will take you about an hour, will allow you to take in the beautiful scenery as you approach the city. Therefore, the guided tour of Frascati by train starts at Roma Termini train station and then you will visit the historic center of the city and its vineyards.

With this half-day excursion you will also be able to taste the local wines and the typical food of the area, such as porchetta (roast pork), biscotti and breads with extra virgin olive oil. Of course, all of this is paired with a varied tasting of Italian wines that you will savor as you take a leisurely stroll through the local vineyards.

During the five and a half hours of the excursion you will be accompanied by a local guide in a group of maximum 15 people. The guide will tell you the historical details of the village and then leave you free time to visit what you liked the most or to go shopping in the local stores.

The tour ends with a rustic Roman lunch, to continue to delight your palate, and you can say goodbye to the beautiful city to take the train back to Rome.

Details of interest

  • Price: From 87 €
  • Duration: About 5 hours and a half
  • Means of transport: Train
  • Advantages of this option: It is a very complete visit because it perfectly combines history, Italian gastronomy and the best wines.
  • Disadvantages of this option: It does not include the return trains, which you must book on your own at Roma Termini station

Book an excursion to Frascati by train from Rome

2. Private driving tour to the province of Castelli Romani

By Car| ©Dan Gold
By Car| ©Dan Gold

Another faster way to get to Frascati is by car. After a drive of just over 35 minutes, with this private driving tour to Castelli Romani you can enjoy a wine tasting through the vineyard region with the booking group of your choice.

Frascati is one of the towns that make up this enclave located southeast of Rome among the Alban Hills. This minivan excursion would take you to visit several of the municipalities with a wine tradition, to taste, of course, their wines and local products.

During the three and a half hour excursion, including hotel pick-up, you will visit the castles of the Middle Ages as well as their cellars. The remains of the amphitheater of Tusculum or the towns of Grottaferrata, known for its abbey, or Genzano di Roma, where one of the most beautiful medieval villages of Castelli Romani is located, are some of the historical wonders you can visit.

Details of interest

  • Price: From€169
  • Duration: About 3.5 hours
  • Means of transport: Car
  • Advantages of this option: The convenience of being picked up at the hotel will make you forget about searching and selecting the means of transportation to get to the area.
  • Disadvantages of this option: The time to see the villages in the region is a bit tight although ideal to see the basics of the vineyard region.

3. Other full day excursions to Frascati and the Roman countryside

Nemi| ©New2022
Nemi| ©New2022

If you have more time to get to know Frascati and its surroundings, you can spend the whole day enjoying a good wine tasting without rushing. Since the region is so close, it is a must on your trip to Rome.

There are excursions that include transportation by car or minivan and you can also hire the pick-up at the hotel directly. On the way a guide will explain the details of the most touristic places you will visit.

Some of these tours take you to various villages in the Roman countryside such as Castel Gandolfo (the Pope's summer residence), Nemi and Roca di Papa. Of course, once in Frascati, wine tasting is a must, as well as the typical appetizers of the region.

Details of interest

  • Price: From 200 to 400€, depending on whether you are going to see other towns in the region
  • Duration: About 8 hours
  • Means of transport: Car
  • Advantages of this option: In a single day you can see several towns in the Albanian Mountains, a beauty of the Roman countryside.
  • Disadvantages of this option: It may be more expensive as it includes visits to other towns and the time to see them all may be tighter.

Book the guided tour of the Papal residence

Duration of the excursions to Frascati

Castelli Romani| ©Jametlene Reskp
Castelli Romani| ©Jametlene Reskp

Depending on the time you have for your trip to Rome you can choose between a half day tour or a full day tour. If you are looking for a two-day or even a three-day getaway in Rome and you want to visit Frascati it is better to choose the option of the half-day guided tour of Frascati by train. Even if you want to forget about looking for transportation, you also have the possibility to book the half-day tour of Castelli Romani by car.

If, on the other hand, it is not your first time in Rome, you are a wine lover or you want to include this plan in your list of things to see in your four or five day trip to the Italian capital, you can investigate the tours that last longer.

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Tips for an excursion to Frascati

Around Frascati| ©Kostandin Minga
Around Frascati| ©Kostandin Minga

In any case, whichever excursion you choose, it is very important that you take into account some basic recommendations that I detail below:

  • Make sure you have the means of transportation to get there: When selecting the tour, check whether or not it includes transportation to Frascati. It is easy to think that it is included and then you find that you should have taken the train, bus or rental car on your own and you do not have time to prepare everything at the time of starting the tour.
  • Appropriate clothing: Considering that you are going to spend a few hours walking around the city center and the vineyards, it is highly recommended that you wear comfortable and cool clothes.

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What not to miss in Frascati?

16th century Cathedral of St. Peter| ©LPLT
16th century Cathedral of St. Peter| ©LPLT

In addition to its majestic wineries, Frascati has a very interesting historic center and other attractions to add to your city tour.

City of summer villas

While Frascati is home to many villas, most of them are closed to the public. The most impressive, Villa Aldobrandini, allows access to its majestic gardens, which provide a peaceful glimpse of past glory, as well as beautiful panoramic views of Frascati and beyond.

Discover the 16th century St. Peter's Cathedral

The region, like almost all cities and towns in Italy, has many churches, the most important being the 16th century Cathedral of St. Peter.

The Baroque facade is the work of architect Girolamo Fontana and much of the interior was destroyed in World War II but it still remains an interesting attraction to delve into a small slice of the history of this town and the ancient inhabitants.

Lose yourself in the ruins of the Tusculum Archaeological Park

Just outside Frascati, about a 20 minute drive, is the ancient city of Tusculum, an important Latin city, predating Rome located in the Albanian mountains. According to a legend, it was founded by Telegonus, the son of Odysseus/Ulysses and Circe.

Tusculum was destroyed in the 1191st century by Rome and was abandoned until the early 20th century when excavations began. The park includes the ruins of a very ancient theater, an amphitheater, a basilica, a forum, a villa, several temples and an acropolis.

Visit the most important museums of the city

There are two interesting museums in Frascati, the first is the Civic Museum "Tuscolano" that as I told you is located in the stables of Aldobrandini and where art exhibitions, workshops and multimedia spaces coexist.

The second is the Ethiopian Museum in honor of Cardinal Guglielmo Massaia, small in size but important to remember the Italian colonialism in Africa.

A bit of history

Streets of Frascati| ©slayer
Streets of Frascati| ©slayer

Frascati dates back to around the 7th century B.C. The name of the town is said to come from the local tradition of collecting firewood (frasche).

Frascati was only a small village until it increased in size and importance after the nearby city of Tusculum was destroyed in the 12th century and all of its surviving inhabitants moved to the town.

Like many of the other hilltop towns, Frascati has long been a favorite summer getaway for Roman nobles. Imposing summer villas with large gardens and water fountains were built there to escape the punishing heat of Rome.