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Fiumicino Airport Transfers in Rome

Find the best options to get to your hotel from Fiumicino, one of the two airports in Rome

Alex Grande

Alex Grande

5 min read

Fiumicino Airport Transfers in Rome

Waiting for the transfer at the airport | ©Atoms

The city has two airports, Fiumicino, the main one, and Ciampino. If you are flying to Fiumicino, this article is just for you and to make your life easier once you land.

There's nothing like a bad experience at the airport to kill the excitement of a trip, so read on and you'll know how to make getting to Rome from Fiumicino Airport as easy as possible.

1. Options for getting to Rome from Fiumicino Airport

2. Shared transfers between Fiumicino and Rome

At the airport | ©Dan Gold
At the airport | ©Dan Gold

Shared transfers are one of the best options to comfortably reach your hotel upon landing at the airport. They work in a very simple way: you book them in advance, when you arrive at Fiumicino you have a minivan waiting for you to pick you and other passengers up to the number of seats, and the driver sets off for Rome to drop you off at your hotel.

For all the advantages they offer, the shared arrival transfers from Fiumicino to Rome are a very reasonably priced option and you avoid having to buy a ticket for a bus or train and having to carry your luggage through the crowded public transport.

There is also the possibility to book a shared departure transfer from Rome to Fiumicino which will make your last day in Rome a much more peaceful and bearable experience so you can calmly say goodbye to the great beauty of the Eternal City.

3. Private transfers between Fiumicino and Rome

At the airport, arrivals terminal | ©Richard Lee
At the airport, arrivals terminal | ©Richard Lee

The premium option to get to Rome from the airport. A private arrival transfer from Fiumicino to Rome works in a very similar way to the shared transfers but only you and your group will be in the vehicle. In case you are traveling with your family or a large group of friends, this is the best option if you are going to fill the 6 seats of a vehicle, as it will cost you a similar price to the shared transfer and you will be able to travel together.

However, if you are staying in different places, keep in mind that this transfer only makes one stop at a single destination.

As in the case of shared transfers, you can book a private transfer from Rome to Fiumicino and enjoy your last day in Rome without hassle and stress.

4. What you should know before booking a transfer between the airport and the city

Book online | ©Charles Deluvio
Book online | ©Charles Deluvio
  • You will be asked for some information about your flight, such as the identification code and the approximate landing time (in the case of arrival transfers) or take-off time (in the case of departure transfers). This will allow the operating company to inform the driver about any delays, at which exit he will have to wait for you, and, for the return transfer to the airport, he will know the exact time to pick you up and drop you off at the airport.
  • You must also provide your telephone number so that the driver can contact you to inform you of any changes in the service that you should be aware of.
  • How long does it take to get to Rome from the airport? About 45 minutes if you are lucky, and it can be delayed a bit if there is traffic.
  • Your driver will wait for you for a maximum of 30 minutes. So don't rush it when you get off the plane, there is no hurry: the driver will have your flight details and will know more or less how long it will take you to get to the meeting point.
  • You are allowed to carry a suitcase and a handbag, and the driver will help you put your luggage in the trunk. In case you travel with special luggage such as an instrument, a bicycle, or any device, I recommend that you contact the transportation agency before booking or, if you can, inform them in the comments at the time of booking.
  • Transfers usually only cover the area of the center of Rome, so if you are staying outside the center, this transfer may not work for you. If in doubt, it is best to check when booking if your hotel is included, and if not, you can return the reservation without any problem.

5. How to get to Rome from Fiumicino: other methods of transportation

Rome Termini train station | ©Dan Visan
Rome Termini train station | ©Dan Visan

In case you don't want to book a transfer for price reasons or because you just want to get to Rome as any local would, here are some other options to get to the city from Fiumicino airport.

Something you should avoid under any circumstances is private cars that offer to take you to Rome for a seemingly low price. If you stop to think about it, it will be a price not much cheaper than a transfer, and you never know what can happen even though Rome is a very safe city to travel in. Instead, choose one of these alternatives:

Arriving in Rome from Fiumicino by bus

The round-trip bus between Rome and Fiumicino is a very cheap option and the good thing is that in this case, you can book the ticket in advance. Some buses stop at Termini station and others at different points in the city center, depending on the transport company.

The journey takes approximately 45 minutes, with buses leaving every 30-40 minutes from Fiumicino airport. You will have room to leave your suitcases and any luggage you are carrying, as there are no restrictions here.

You can also take the bus back to the airport from the center of Rome, with several stops at Termini, the Vatican, and Via Aurelia.

Arriving in Rome from Fiumicino by train

You can get to Rome by train in two ways. One is by taking the Leonardo Express, bound for Termini station, which takes 55 minutes and the ticket price is € 15. The other option is the FL-1 line train, which takes a little longer to get to Rome (about 1 hour 15 minutes) but with a slightly cheaper price of € 8.

You can also use these trains to return to the airport from Rome. At Termini station, you can buy the ticket and get on the train.

Arriving in Rome from Fiumicino by cab

An option that I really do not recommend, since you pay a similar price to the transfers but without all the advantages of booking one in advance. In any case, if you were planning to take public transport but you regret it at the last moment, keep in mind that the official price set by the Municipality of Rome to get to Rome by cab from Fiumicino is € 48.

My advice is that before you get inside the car, make sure that the driver is going to charge you this fare, and negotiate in case they want to charge you any extra for a night journey or baggage excess.

Arriving in Rome from Fiumicino by rental car

Finally, an option that is not too popular is to rent a car at the airport. This is especially useful if you plan to make several excursions to other cities during your stay in Rome because you will save on transfers while securing your method of transportation.

If you choose to rent a car, you will have several options to do so at the airport, at the counters of the different rental companies.