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Discover the origins of these organised crime gangs with this mafia tour of Palermo' s historic centre. Join this walking tour of about 3 hours and learn all about the anti-mafia movement, beyond the myths of The Godfather. With a professional guide and in small groups of about 15 people you will discover the history of the Sicilian Mafia and the great influence it had on the history of the city.

Walk through the streets of Palermo with your guide and explore emblematic places related to the mafia. From the Teatro Massimo, the Capo market, the Town Hall and Piazza della Memoria with its monument dedicated to those killed by the mafia.

  • Discover all about the history of this gangster gang with this mafia tour through the historic centre of Palermo.
  • In small groups of about 15 people , see many iconic sites connected to the gang, including Palermo Cathedral.
  • Discover the past, present and future of the anti-mafia movement with a professional guide .
  • Deepen your knowledge of the Mafia phenomenon, beyond the clichés and myths.

What’s included

  • Mafia tour of Palermo.
  • Guided walking tour through the historic centre of Palermo.
  • Professional guide.
  • A small contribution to the charity Addiopizzo.

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Step by Step

Discover a city of crime gangs with this mafia tour through the historic centre of Palermo . With a professional guide you will walk through the city centre for about 3 hours and delve into the history and origins of the Sicilian mafia. In small groups of about 15 people you will walk through the streets of the city and pass by the representative places of the anti-mafia struggle.

Throughout this walking tour you will pass the famous ancient Mercado del Capo, believed to be the meeting place of a medieval secret sect known as the Beati Paoli. You'll walk through the bustling streets of the city centre and along the way you'll learn all about the anti-mafia movement, as well as the long-running conflict the city still has with these mafia gangs.

Your guide will take you inside the famous Massimo Opera House, where one of the most dramatic scenes from The Godfather III was filmed. This sumptuous opera house is also a symbol of the city's rebirth after decades of mafia violence. You'll also discover other monuments such as the Wall of Legality, with the faces of mafia victims.

Head to Piazza della Memoria and see this memorial dedicated to the judges and prosecutors who were killed by the mafia. Admire the beautiful Palermo Cathedral and let your guide share with you the story of Father Pino Puglisi, the first Christian martyr who was killed by a Mafia hitman. Wander around Palermo and stop in front of the Palermo City Hall , a place that linked the political class with the Mafia hitmen.

You will discover the other side of Palermo, the city that rebels against the Mafia . Along Via Cassarò, you will pass by different shops and you will see that they have an orange sticker in their shop windows. With this the owners and proprietors say NO to extortion and join the campaign for critical consumption without mafia promoted by the popular movement Addiopizzo. Take advantage and support these businesses with a purchase.

After strolling through all the places of interest, you will end your tour in the heart of the old town, where your guide will give you tips to continue your visit and taste the best Sicilian specialities .


· 956 Reviews
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    I loved it, it gave me goose bumps.
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    This is a tour for lovers of mobster movies.
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    Father Pino Puglisi's story left me with my heart in my mouth.
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    I was able to learn something very curious, the light of society will always prevail.
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