10 Things to Do in Bali in October

October is an exceptional month to visit Bali, since it coincides with the season of the harvest and there is little tourist affluence. The city offers gastronomic experiences, wine tastings and sporting events.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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10 Things to Do in Bali in October

Temple Saraswati |©Яeиée

The best months to visit Bali go from April to October, since the dry season maintains away the rains and allows to enjoy activities outdoors. In general, the temperatures in this month oscillate between 23° and 31°, in addition it coincides with the time of tourist average affluence, so you will not have to deal with agglomerations nor to make lines in the temples. In these dates I recommend you to take advantage of the harvests of wine, coffee and rice, which offer wonderful experiences.

Also you can try the route of the book Eat, Pray and Love to repeat the history of its author, who visited Bali in October. If you want to take advantage of the best local beaches perhaps you can consider those of the north and east, since in those zones the water stays warmer and pleasant. In general, there are plans for all tastes, like tastings of the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world, walks in the annual Bali Triathlon marathon, Balinese dance performances in the rituals of the season and much more. I tell you everything you should not miss!

1. Taste Balinese wine and take advantage of a traditional cooking class

Hatten Wines|©Bruce J Dargie
Hatten Wines|©Bruce J Dargie

October is the ideal month to taste local wines, as it coincides with the wine season that runs from April to October. There are different options, but all offer a pleasurable experience. Balinese food is very spicy, so to balance your palate, I recommend tasting the dishes in the company of their traditional drinks that stand out for their sweet taste. If you plan to be at least 5 days in Bali, there are different places where you can live this experience, like:

  • Badung Market: it is a traditional flea market open every day, the twenty-four hours. It offers ideal stalls to taste typical plates like the nasi campur, a delicious combination of rice with chicken or fish garnishes. It is usually served with watermelon juice, although you can also accompany it with a fruity wine.
  • Hatten Wines: it is a winery located in Bali from 1994, which offers tastings of tropical wine, strolls by the vineyards and tours by the wine cellars of production.
  • Village of Tenganan: it is one of the zones of greater production of the wine Tuak Wayah, especially in October.

Another more complete option is to sign up for a cooking class at a local family's home in Ubud, to learn about their traditions and combine the gastronomic experience with traditional drinks. It usually starts from 73 euros and you can learn how to prepare Pepes Ikan, a meat cooked in banana leaves. You can also learn the secrets of Bakso, a dumpling soup much sought after at street stalls. Keep in mind that October is the ideal month to opt for this experience, as it is low season and you can find discounts. In addition, at the end of the month it is a good plan to protect you from the first local rains.

Best wines of Bali in October

  • Balinese or palm wine: it is a traditional drink of Bali, elaborated based on sap of sugar cane palms. In the region two options are offered, the Tuak Wayah that is drier and to base of alcohol, and the Tuak Manis that is a sweet wine without alcohol. Generally, the harvest season is from March to October.
  • Grape wine: is an exotic wine made from local grapes, as well as grapes brought from Chile and Australia. It has a fresh and fruity flavor, ideal to accompany local dishes. Note that the season runs from June to October.
  • Fruit wine: this is a fruity wine made from lychee, guava, pineapple and mango. In October, almost all these fruits are in season, except lychee. So you can taste a wine full of aroma, flavor and sweetness, from the fruit of your choice. If you want to try lychee wine, the appropriate season is from June to August.
  • Arak: is a traditional alcoholic beverage, made from fermented rice, which is usually consumed in October. It is used to toast after the closing of the rice harvest and in some rituals that are carried out according to the Balinese calendar.
  • Brem: it is a wine of black rice, with acid flavor that is used in the religious ceremonies in October.

Book a Balinese cooking class

2. Insert yourself in the route of Eat, Pray and Love in Bali

Tirta Empul|©Enrica
Tirta Empul|©Enrica

The Eat, Pray and Love tour is a wonderful adventure, therefore a must-do activity on your Indonesian itinerary. It is inspired by the book and film by Elizabeth Gilbert, who will take you on a spiritual journey through her journey in Bali. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal month to live this adventure, since in the novel the author arrived at the island precisely in October. In addition, in the dry season the activities outdoors are more successful.

You can find options from 68 euros, I recommend you to reserve at least 10 hours to enjoy each experience. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best tours of Bali since it allows you to experience:

  • A visit to the sacred temple Tirta Empul where the ritual of purification is performed, which allows you to receive the blessing of Balinese healers and seers, while you immerse yourself in sacred pools.
  • A yoga class that usually offers the tour with amazing views of the mountains.
  • A walk through the rice terraces of Ubud, which are noted for their dreamlike scenery.
  • A tour of the filming locations of the movie Eat, Pray and Love.

Book a private tour of Eat, Pray, Love

3. Escape to Kintamani village for the coffee harvest

Kintamani Bali|©puji raharjo
Kintamani Bali|©puji raharjo

Kintamani village is an important location, located under the Batur volcano. It is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for your vacation itinerary, as it offers hiking areas, hot spring oases and the opportunity to tour the coffee plantations during the closing of the harvest. It is located in the mountains, so you can go up in jeep to lighten the trip and explore the geological accidents of the volcano.

As for the harvest of coffee it is an activity that you cannot lose you, if you plan to be at least 5 days in Bali. Here the grains are picked in a traditional way, without chemicals or machinery. I recommend this experience to witness:

  • The ceremony of ngaben, it is a Balinese Hindu funeral ritual, in which the body of a deceased person is burned in a wooden coffin. It symbolizes the liberation and the new beginnings, in addition it is not governed by the Balinese calendar and the locals usually carry out it to celebrate the harvest. Keep in mind that it is an expensive celebration, and in fact it is an authentic miracle to coincide with one, since they reserve it for special moments.
  • The Kecak dance, is a traditional Balinese dance that is accompanied by music and fire shows.
  • The production process, since you will be able to cross the plantations to observe how the coffee is cultivated, processed and roasted.
  • The history of the coffee in Bali, while you enjoy the views of the mountain and the lake Batur.

Book a bike tour of Kintamani

4. Take advantage of the activities of the rice harvest

Rice terraces in Sidemen, Bali.|©Ernesto Sardón Cantos
Rice terraces in Sidemen, Bali.|©Ernesto Sardón Cantos

The rice harvest is governed by the Balinese agricultural calendar, usually taking place twice a year between April and May, as well as between October and November. It offers interesting activities that are worth taking a look at. During these dates you will be able to visit plantations of other products, rice terraces and to know traditional cultural. You can enjoy a guided tour of the rice fields where tastings, picnics and yoga classes are offered overlooking the waterfalls.

This is your chance to taste the famous krupuk rice crackers, or nasi goreng fried rice. Generally, plantings are prepared on terraced terraces that have amazing panoramic views and Jatiluwih is one of the most famous, due to its size and age. It is one of the best things to do in Bali and you can find guided experiences from 47 euros, which facilitate the access to the rice fields.

It hires a tour for cascades and rice fields

5. Delight yourself with the Balinese dances


Bali is an island where the dance is one of the most important means of expression, in fact there are different types of performances. The sacred dances are executed in the religious rituals and inside the best local temples, while the semi-sacred dances take place in the patios of the temples and accompany certain celebrations. Training dances take place in the streets and tourist areas, and the Kecak dance includes fire shows and is used to narrate ancestral stories.

In October it is a special activity and usually accompanies religious rituals of the season. It is also used to give thanks for harvests of wine, coffee, rice and other local products. If you prefer to play it safe and book an experience in advance, nothing better than enjoying a Balinese dance at the Royal Palace in Ubud. It is believed that this specific choreography was born in the 19th century, since it was created for the entertainment of the royal family.

Buy tickets for a Legong dance show

6. Take a gastronomic tour to taste seasonal dishes

food in Bali|©Cody McKibben
food in Bali|©Cody McKibben

The island is full of goodness and among them stands out its exquisite gastronomy. If a cooking class seems to you amused and attractive to the palate, then during your trip you have to venture to try seasonal dishes. The most famous dish is Bubur Mengguh, whose ingredients are harvested in October and have a unique flavor based on meat porridge and spices.

If you prefer, you can taste the local delicacies on a guided tour. This way, you can visit the local markets, discover emblematic places to eat and choose the best street food stalls. It is ideal if you plan to be at least 7 days in Bali, since at the time of looking for restaurants to eat, you will not be to the drift. Probably this experience will allow you to taste the roast of pork babi guling, which is seasoned with seasonal spices.

Reserve a gastronomic tour

7. Relax in the best beaches of Bali

Amed Beach, Bali|©Siska Felicia
Amed Beach, Bali|©Siska Felicia

October is one of the months of average tourist affluence, reason why its better paradisiacal beaches usually are little crowded. There are many attractive options, since the island has around 160 bays to choose. Specifically, the most recommended during this season are those on the north and east coasts, which stand out for their dry and not very rainy weather that favors beach activities.

On the beaches you can enjoy a variety of entertainment options such as surfing, exploring marine species and coral reefs, renting a kayak, enjoying the sunset, boarding a cruise or relaxing with a Balinese massage. If you want to have a good time, I recommend you opt for:

  • Amed Beach: a paradisiacal beach located in the east of the island, which stands out for its black volcanic sand in contrast with the turquoise waters.
  • Lovina: is a fishing area with small uncrowded coves, where you can see dolphins at dawn. October is the ideal season, since the waters remain calm and with the appropriate conditions for this sighting.
  • Virgin Beach: it is of the best beaches of Bali, in fact it is considered an exotic and little known bay.
  • Permuteran: it is a beach of crystalline waters, therefore it is ideal to practice diving and snorkeling.

8. It knows the local vegan gastronomy in the Vegan Festival of Bali.

vegan food in Bali|©mediocreadventures
vegan food in Bali|©mediocreadventures

If you prefer vegan food or simply want to experience new foods, you can go to the Vegan Festival of Bali. It takes place in the spiritual capital of the island, better known as Ubud. It's an October tradition that will pique your taste buds' curiosity, as you can learn about this lifestyle and the importance of sustainability. It is one of the best things to do in Bali, if you want to explore its cultural diversity and gastronomic traditions.

In a perfect event to rest a little of the heavy meals, as well as of the extra seasoned dishes. Here you won't get bored as it is usually accompanied by food tastings, cooking workshops, live entertainment and even small flea markets to buy vegan products. It can include meditation events, yoga classes and Balinese dance performances. For some classes and experiences, advance registration is required.

9. Don't Miss a Luwak Coffee Tour

Kopi Luwak|©Mike Hohman
Kopi Luwak|©Mike Hohman

The coffee Kopi Luwak of Bali is one of the most expensive and rare of the world, due to its meticulous process of elaboration. For some it can turn out to be little appetizing, due to the fact that the seeds are gathered of the feces of the civet. This is an animal that resembles cats, monkeys and raccoons, which eats the coffee seeds it collects in the jungle and then expels them. Later, it is carefully processed to go to market.

Unfortunately, some farms confine these animals for use as a tourist attraction, so it is essential to choose plantations free of animal abuse. In October you can take the Luwak coffee route, since at the end of the harvest there is a better chance of finding this beverage or the beans at a good price.

It has a bitter flavor and similar to the chocolate, if you want to prove it you can visit the plantations Bali Pulina to appreciate the process of cultivation and elaboration of the coffee. Undoubtedly, it is an experience that you cannot lose, especially if you plan to be at least 5 days in the island.

10. Venture to the Bali Triathlon sporting event.

bali triathlon.|©krishna zaki
bali triathlon.|©krishna zaki

Bali Triathlon is a sport event that usually takes place in Bali in October, specifically in the traditional village Sanur. If you want to keep moving during your vacation, you should definitely consider this plan that takes you around this picturesque local village. It is a tradition since 2007, which is accompanied by the pleasant breeze of October.

Generally, it is necessary to be over 18 years old, be in good physical condition and pay a registration fee. Additionally, the marathon route varies according to the category you choose, ranging from Olympic distance for experts, sprint distance for intermediate level and 5 km race for beginners. During the experience you can take a bike ride, receive a Balinese blessing, enjoy a dinner and take advantage of a party to close the night.

The Balinese calendar and Balinese rituals in October

Saraswati Tenple, Ubud, Bali|©Marty Gowan
Saraswati Tenple, Ubud, Bali|©Marty Gowan

Bali is an island where the religious and cultural activities can vary unexpectedly, due to the fact that many are governed by different calendars like:

  • The Saka calendar or lunar calendar: which fixes activities around the phases of the moon. It governs some celebrations, but its system has the same number of days as the Pakwon calendar, with the difference that every thirty months a leap month is added.
  • The Pakwon calendar: it is a complex system that sets certain celebrations every 210 days such as Saraswati, Galungan, Nyepi and Pagerwesi.
  • The Gregorian calendar or solar calendar: it is governed by the phases of the sun and is very similar to the calendar used in the rest of the world. Mostly, it governs New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Independence Day.

If you are lucky, some religious rituals can coincide with October or with the month of your visit, which would be great because, without a doubt, they are some of the best things to do in Bali.