Budapest Synagogue Guided Tour

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Experience Highlights

Discover the Jewish history of the Hungarian capital with this walking tour of approximately two and a half hours through the Jewish Quarter of Budapest . Together with a passionate historian guide and a group of about 35 people you will get to know this district and its turbulent history. Walk through the streets of beautiful Budapest and see the Carl Lutz Memorial, the Swiss diplomat who saved the lives of Jews during the Holocaust.

Learn about the Budapest ghetto and the Holocaust with the help of your guide, plus visit the Great Synagogue to learn more about the Jewish community.

  • Learn about Hungarian Hebrew history with this walking tour of approximately two and a half hours through Budapest's Jewish Quarter .
  • With the help of a professional guide learn all about the Budapest ghetto and the Holocaust.
  • Walk along Kiraly Street and see the Spinoza Theatre and the Carl Lutz Memorial.
  • See historic synagogues, pass avant-garde galleries and explore mythical ruined bars.
  • In groups of about 35 people visit the Great Synagogue of Budapest, the largest synagogue in Europe.

What’s included

  • Approximately two and a half hours walking tour through the Jewish Quarter of Budapest.
  • Entrance to the Great Synagogue of Budapest and guided tour.
  • Historian guide.

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Step by Step

Discover one of the most popular areas of inner Pest with this approximately two and a half hour tour of Budapest's Jewish Quarter . Join this walking tour in groups of about 35 people and visit the Great Synagogue of Budapest. With a professional guide you will walk through the streets of the old ghetto, which is home to synagogues and historical monuments in tribute to the Holocaust and its heroes.

This tour of Budapest's Jewish Quarter will begin with a guided visit to the area's iconic landmark, the Great Synagogue of Budapest . See the exterior of this impressive synagogue and pass under its two imposing ornate domes. Admire its beautiful interior, from its Moorish arches and geometric frescoes to the Holocaust memorials.

During your guided tour of the Dohány Street Synagogue, you will visit the Raoul Wallenberg Holocaust Memorial Park . Located just behind the temple you will see the resting place of more than 2,000 victims who were murdered by the Nazis. Here you will visit the Holocaust Cemetery and the Emanuel Tree memorial, a metal weeping willow tree with the names of Holocaust victims inscribed on its leaves.

Just 5 minutes away from the Great Synagogue you will find the Rumbach Synagogue, a real hidden treasure of Budapest's Jewish quarter with its neo-Arabic style architecture. Nearby is the Kazinczy Synagogue, famous for its charming Art Nouveau decoration. Walk through the streets of the old ghetto of Budapest and see these impressive buildings, full of Jewish history and culture.

During this tour you will learn all about Jewish history and the Holocaust from your guide. As you explore the streets of the vibrant Jewish Quarter, you will hear local stories about the Jewish culture of this district. It is undoubtedly one of Budapest's most interesting neighbourhoods for its exquisite mix of historic synagogues, avant-garde galleries and crumbling bars .

Along this walking tour you will walk along Dob Street and Kiraly Street, the cradle of Jewish life in Pest. Here you will see the small café theatre Spinoza and the Monument to Carl Lutz, one of the heroes who risked his own life to save thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust. In addition to all this, head into Kazinczy Street and discover the beauty of its street art with the best ruin bars in all of Budapest.


· 38 Reviews
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    Beautiful place, full of history, that although it made us a little nostalgic, it was very interesting and necessary to know.
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    Interesting tour, the first time I went alone and did not understand much, but now with a guide it was very different, he explained in detail and it was much more valuable.
  • Y
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    Very good explanation by the guide. I went with my teenage daughter who does not have much knowledge on the subject and she was delighted.
  • S
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    The history of the Jews is very strong but it is necessary to know about it to know the reality and not to repeat it again. It is impressive to know that there were victims in different parts of Europe and Budapest is one of them. 100% recommended
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