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See another side of the French capital with these tickets to the Pompidou Centre in Paris. You will enter one of the most radical and famous buildings of the 20th century to visit the largest collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe. The visit will start with the façade of the building itself, which will not leave you indifferent.

Tickets will give you access to the permanent collection as well as to the Children's Gallery and the roof terrace. Climb to the top floor for incredible views of the city and its most emblematic monuments.

  • Enjoy modern art in one of the most innovative buildings in Paris.
  • Get closer to the history of art in a chronologically ordered collection.
  • View the city from a privileged vantage point on the top floor terrace .

What’s included

  • Entrance to the Pompidou Centre
  • Access to the permanent collection
  • Access to the roof
  • Access to the Children's Gallery

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Step by Step

These tickets for the Pompidou Centre in Paris are the perfect option to add an original touch to your visit to the city. It is one of the most revolutionary works of recent times, as even the building itself is a work of art.

You will begin your visit by observing its façade, which seems to have been built completely upside down. In this case, the ventilation ducts and cables, which should remain hidden in its structure, are in plain view for all to see. It is surprising, because it is located in the centre of the capital and breaks with everything around it.

Once inside, the largest collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe awaits you. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the works of 20th century masters:

  • Buste de femme, by Picasso
  • À une voix, by Kandinsky
  • Arrangement de formes, by Man Ray
  • La Blouse roumaine, by Matisse
  • Etude du corps humain, by Francis Bacon

We recommend starting your visit on the upper floor. The works are arranged in chronological order, making it easier for you to follow the tour in an orderly fashion. From the top floor, you will go through Fauvism, Expressionism, Cubism, Dadaism and Surrealism.

It is very interesting to appreciate the changes that artistic trends have undergone over the years. In fact, this change will become much more palpable when you reach 1960, when what is known as contemporary art began. This is the time to visit the work of the incomparable Andy Warhol and other visionaries such as Dan Flavin, Richard Hamilton and Louise Bourgeois.

Of course, the Pompidou Centre has also set aside one of its spaces for a public library, as well as a research centre for acoustics and music. You can't miss the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking views of Paris from the rooftop of the building either.


· 10467 Reviews
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    Christine Petit
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    Beau et impressionnant bâtiment ! Exposition très éclectique et très intéressant !
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    The service is excellent, I didn't love it at all since I'm not a fan of art, but to pass the time it's a good option.
  • I
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    Everything perfect, it is an impressive building and I was surprised by the amount of works of great artists it has.
  • S
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    Everything perfectly organized and clean, a perfect place to appreciate modern art.
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