St Tropez Day Trips from Nice

If you are looking for a getaway full of luxury and glamour Saint Tropez is a destination you should consider. This excursion can be done from charming Nice and today I'll tell you how to get there.

Katherine Betances

Katherine Betances

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St Tropez Day Trips from Nice

Saint Tropez | © bapt miller

Saint Tropez is a vacation destination that can be defined in one word: dazzling. Brimming with celebrities, glamour, luxury yachts and exclusive clubs; spending a weekend exploring its streets is a delight for the senses.

Considered by locals and foreigners alike as a refined destination for the rich and famous; it is one of the best things to do in Nice on vacation. In the following sections I will put you in context about everything you can expect when you embark on an excursion to Saint Tropez from Nice.

The best option

Saint Tropez Day Trip from Nice

Travel by Ferry on the French Riviera

Get to know the beautiful city of Saint Tropez on a ferry trip from Nice. This excursion takes you to one of the most beautiful cities of the Riviera to enjoy the atmosphere, the luxury yachts, the beautiful beaches and the delicious food of Saint Tropez.

Recommended if... You want to enjoy a boat trip along the beautiful French Riviera, it is ideal for those travelers who enjoy a short vacation in the South of France and are looking to make the most of every second of their itinerary.

Explore Saint Tropez by boat from Nice.

Boats in Saint Tropez| ©Maryphoto92
Boats in Saint Tropez| ©Maryphoto92

The most popular Saint Tropez excursion format in the Nice area is boat tours. Local tour operators gather a group of travelers to take them on an adventure with different phases of travel: the first part of the trip consists of a private vehicle, with the traveler being picked up from their accommodation in Nice.

For the second part you will board a boat that will take you to St. Tropez and where you will be able to admire all the coastal scenery of the city. Finally, you get off the boat at the Port of St. Tropez to tour the city and its tourist highlights.

If you go to Nice in summer, you should know that the boats route St. Tropez - Nice operate daily trips throughout the summer as it is the high season of the Riviera. If you are visiting the city in winter, to enjoy Christmas in Nice for example, the boats operate mostly only on week ends.

Useful information

  • Means of transport: You will travel by car or minibus from Nice to Sainte-Maxime and then by boat to Saint Tropez.
  • Advantages of this option: You will be able to combine several transportation options and enjoy the diversity of landscapes that the French Riviera has to offer.
  • Disadvantages of this option: The excursion is usually more expensive and a bit more time-consuming than the direct travel option by private transport from Nice.

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Excursion to Saint Tropez by other means of transport.

Rent a car| ©Dan Gold
Rent a car| ©Dan Gold

Numerous local companies operate private car tours from Nice; the intention is that the traveler can enjoy the Riviera's beautiful coastal scenery while relaxing in comfortable, air-conditioned transportation.

Unlike other major Côte d'Azur destinations, such as Monaco and Ezé from Nice, St. Tropez is a small and somewhat isolated town, which is very difficult to reach. These excursions are organized in private vehicles and in small groups to ensure a personalized service and to facilitate a constant availability of excursions.

Whatever the time of your trip, it is best to book your excursion as far in advance as possible, as many of these companies do not operate on week ends and others only operate on specific days during low tourist seasons.

Useful Information

  • Means of transportation: private minibus for small groups.
  • Advantages of this option: It is the fastest and most direct way to get to St. Tropez, which translates into more time to enjoy the beach and the coast.
  • Disadvantages of this option: If you want to enjoy a boat ride along the St. Tropez coast you will have to pay an additional fee or hire it on your own when you arrive at your destination.

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Duration of the excursions to Saint Tropez from Nice

Saint-Tropez Lighthouse| ©Pilar Azaña Talán
Saint-Tropez Lighthouse| ©Pilar Azaña Talán

The duration of the excursion will always be subject to the itinerary of the company you hire for the adventure; however tour operators in Nice reserve a slot of between 09 and 12 hours for excursions to Saint Tropez.

Due to the duration, the adventure itself is considered one of the best day trips on the French Riviera. It is the perfect way to tour beyond Nice on a short trip.

The trip to Saint Tropez by car takes less than 2 hours while the tour to Saint Tropez by boat takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.

Organized tours operate so that travelers arrive in Saint Tropez around mid-morning and can make the most of the day exploring the town; therefore most depart from the town around 09:00 in the morning.

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Tips for an excursion to Saint Tropez from Nice

Money in Euros| ©Pixabay
Money in Euros| ©Pixabay

If you are looking for a luxury vacation, visiting Saint Tropez or visiting Monaco and Èze from Nice will make you feel like a movie star in your own movie. Follow the following tips to make your experience as pleasant as possible and make the most of every minute.

Dress code is important...

St. Tropez is an area full of restaurants, bars and upscale establishments and some of them require a dress code. To avoid misunderstandings and embarrassing situations review the rules of the place which are commonly stated on the web portal. You can also ask your tour operator for guidance if you decide to book an excursion.

Touring the historic district on foot is the best option...

The most prominent tourist attractions are located very close to each other in the heart of the historic district of Saint Tropez. You won't need your car to get around, so if you are traveling by transport from Nice it is best to park and walk around the area.

Pay attention to tipping...

For local restaurants and cafes tips should be 10-15% of the total consumed; the most prestigious gastronomic establishments include the fee in the total bill. However, you can add a small extra amount and indicate it on the bill.

October is a great month to visit

October is a great month to visit Saint Tropez if you are a shopping lover as many shopping malls and top local stores start their sale season. You will find luxury brands with a lot of quality at a reduced price.

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How much does a Saint Tropez excursion from Nice cost?

The Punch| ©dalbera
The Punch| ©dalbera

While the final price of the excursion varies depending on the company you choose to hire, the average range is between 80€ and 130€ per traveler.

When looking for excursions to Saint Tropez from Nice read in detail the description of the experience and don't immediately go for the cheapest option. Some local tour operators offer travelers experiences such as a boat cruise off the coast of Saint Tropez for an additional fee that is usually worth paying.

If your vacation in the South of France includes a week or so in Nice, I recommend including a boat tour or excursion in your itinerary so that you can appreciate the beauty of the Côte d'Azur from different perspectives.

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What not to miss in Saint Tropez ?

Musée de la Gendarmerie et du Cinema.| ©Mathias Fisher
Musée de la Gendarmerie et du Cinema.| ©Mathias Fisher

No matter how you decide to arrive, once in Saint Tropez I recommend taking advantage of the day to explore the following sites, considered by travelers and locals as the best things to do in the city.

If you go to Saint Tropez is an excursion, the company may organize for you some of these activities or the trip may include free time for each traveler to choose activities at their own discretion.

Take a tour of La Ponche

La Ponche is the name given to the old town of St. Tropez, one of the most captivating places for walking and strolling in the south of France. On your walk you will find numerous stores filled with high quality and attractive handcrafted objects; elegant cafes and restaurants serving traditional food.

Musée de la Gendarmerie et du Cinema

If your itinerary allows it, I recommend visiting the small museum dedicated to cinema in Saint Tropez. The Musée de la Gendarmerie puts a high focus on local productions as well as its talented actors.

Saint Tropez, although small, has a deep and rich cinematic history, as this place served as the setting for many old school productions, which are now cinema classics.

Stroll along the Promenade and the Vieux Port.

The Vieux Port is one of the most popular attractions of the place; with many small fishing boats, elegant yachts and colorful houses, everywhere you look you will find a corner worthy of a travel postcard. Are you a fan of photography? This is the best place to take spectacular shots!

Relax on the Beaches

One of the most popular activities in St. Tropez is simply relaxing on its beautiful beaches with spectacular views. Numerous visitors travel from other nearby French cities to relax in the sun or take a refreshing swim. The beaches of St. Tropez, along with the waters of the Verdon Gorge, are considered a favorite escape from the hot summers.

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Why take a trip to Saint Tropez?

Touring Saint Tropez| ©Krzysztof Belczyński
Touring Saint Tropez| ©Krzysztof Belczyński

St. Tropez used to be a quiet and cozy fishing village, but over the years it has built a reputation as a highly refined luxury destination that the rich and famous prefer on their trips to the Riviera.

It is well worth a visit to see the charm that has attracted the attention of so many celebrities in recent decades.

Additionally, the main advantage of choosing the city of Nice as a vacation destination is due to its easy connectivity to other beautiful destinations within the French Riviera; Saint Tropez included among them.

My recommendation is to take advantage of this strategic location to see as much as you can; enjoy a day trip to Provence and medieval villages from Nice.

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What are the advantages of taking a guided tour vs. visiting Saint Tropez on my own?

By Ferry to Saint Tropez| ©Bocaj47
By Ferry to Saint Tropez| ©Bocaj47

When it comes to visiting Saint Tropez, you have two alternatives at your disposal: to undertake the adventure on your own or to book an excursion like the ones discussed at the beginning of this article.

Each alternative offers notable advantages and disadvantages that I will explain in detail below.

Visiting Saint Tropez by Ferry on your own...

The boat company Trans-Cote-d'Azur operates a transportation system that takes travelers from Nice to St. Tropez. This is an economical alternative to make the trip on a budget but at the same time requires much more planning and organization on your part.

The trip does not include any kind of guide or escort, you must be adjusted to the availability but especially the schedule to avoid missing your trip back to Nice.

If you choose this alternative, it is best to book your tickets in advance and schedule a trip to St. Tropez that includes spending at least one night in the city.

Visiting Saint Tropez on an organized excursion...

On the other hand, organized excursions offer numerous advantages, among the main ones: saving you planning time; once you have made your reservations, you will only have to worry about being at the meeting point at the agreed time.

Additionally, most tour operators in Nice offer the traveler direct pick up from their hotel making the overall experience even easier.

This alternative is ideal for those travelers who will be in town for a few days to enjoy a short vacation; for example 5 days or 3 days in Nice; as it allows you to make the most of your valuable time and get the most out of your days exploring the south coast.

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