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Explore Split, one of Croatia's most attractive destinations, on this guided walking tour. You'll be accompanied by an expert guide as he tells you about the city's 1,700-year history. You will also be taken to emblematic sites such as Diocletian's Palace, the Catholic Cathedral of St. Domnius and the Peristyle.

The experience will last 1 hour and a half and during the tour you will see vestiges of various civilisations such as the Roman one. This city was founded by Emperor Diocletian and, together with Zagreb, is one of the most important and visited cities in Croatia.

  • Join this guided tour of Split, where you will walk through the narrow streets of this Roman-influenced Croatian city.
  • You will be accompanied the whole time by a professional guide, who will introduce you to the history of this 1,700-year-old coastal city.
  • You'll pass some of the most iconic locations such as Diocletian's Palace and the Catholic Cathedral of St. Dominic.

What’s included

  • Split Walking Tour
  • Expert guide

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Step by Step

This 1.5 hour walking tour is the best way to discover Split, one of Croatia's most fascinating cities. Accompanied by an expert guide, you'll learn about the city's history, which dates back more than 1,700 years, as you stroll through its cobbled streets and admire its impressive architecture.

During the tour, you'll see traces of various civilisations, including the Romans, who have left a lasting mark on the city. You will also have the opportunity to explore some of Split's most charming alleys and discover its hidden treasures. This experience is a must for those who wish to immerse themselves in the fascinating history of this Croatian city and discover some of its most precious treasures.

One of the must-see stops is Diocletian's Palace, an imposing fortress built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century. This structure is a true architectural jewel and is considered one of the most important monuments of the Roman period in Europe. Also of note is the Catholic Cathedral of St. Domnius, the oldest cathedral in Croatia and one of the most impressive in the region.

Another highlight is the Peristyle, an impressive central square that has been the scene of numerous public ceremonies over the centuries. This place has a unique atmosphere and is a real historical treasure.


· 801 Reviews
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    A tour that surprised me with the good explanations of the guide.
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    The guided tour was very good, I enjoyed every moment and I managed to take some beautiful pictures. I would have liked the duration to be longer to continue enjoying the explanations of the guide. I highly recommend it, it is worth doing it once.
  • M
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    Good experience in Split.
  • I
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    A tour of Split of the highest quality, with an excellent guide and a tour full of attractions and beautiful places to see. It was a very complete experience, nothing to criticize the tour. I highly recommend it.
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