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Experience Highlights

Join this 3-hour tour to explore some of the main locations where the popular Game of Thrones series was filmed on Lokrum Island, near the city of Dubrovnik. Throughout the tour, you will be able to visit and learn about many historical monuments that were used as the setting for famous locations in the series, such as the Red Keep, the House of the Undying and King's Landing .

During the tour, you will be accompanied by an expert guide who participated in the filming of the series, thanks to whom you will be able to discover many secrets related to the filming of Game of Thrones, as well as interesting facts about the places you will visit. A very complete tour, full of culture and history, ideal for lovers of the Seven Kingdoms.

  • Stroll around Lokrum Island and visit the placeswhere part of the Game of Thrones series was filmed.
  • Learn about the history and culture of the places you will visit, accompanied by an expert guide.
  • Discover curiosities and interesting facts about the filming of the series from the professionals who took part in it.

What’s included

  • Licensed official tour guides, who were part of the production
  • Photo of the official Iron Throne
  • After the tour, you can stay on the island to go swimming, hiking, cliff diving or visit a restaurant.

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Step by Step

In this activity you will have the opportunity, for around 3 hours, to discover some of the places where Game of Thrones was filmed.Throughout the activity, you will be accompanied by an expert guide, from whom you will learn interesting information about the series and the filming process, making it perfect for those who want to delve deeper into the story behind the series.

The tour has been designed so that fans of the series can see the actual locations where some of the most iconic scenes were filmed. The tour includes the opportunity to sit on the original Iron Throne, which was given to Croatia after the HBO series was completed and which currently sits on the island of Lokrum.

In addition to visiting Lokrum Island and the Iron Throne, you will pass several of Dubrovnik's monuments that were used to transform the city into different settings. These include the following sites:

  • Forte Lovrijenac: This 16th century fortress stands on a rock 37 metres above sea level and offers excellent panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea. During production, it was transformed into "The Red Fortress", the castle of the kings of Westeros.
  • Pile Gate: This is the main gateway to the walled city of Dubrovnik and dates back to its construction in 1537. This historic gateway to the walled city serves the same function in the series, and becomes the setting for Jaime Lannister's return to King's Landing.
  • Dominican Monastery: This 14th century Gothic monastery houses a wealth of religious art, including paintings, sculptures and relics. It also has one of the first botanical gardens in Europe. During the series, it was used as the "House of the Undying", where Daenerys Targaryen seeks visions of the past and future.
  • Rectors' Palace: Built in the 15th century, this palace was the official residence of Dubrovnik's rulers for centuries. Today, it is a museum with a variety of historical artefacts, including ancient coins and decorative objects.

It was used in the series as the venue for the wedding feast of King Joffrey and Queen Margaery, as well as the setting for the residence of the King of Spice of Qarth .

As well as seeing the iconic locations from the series and learning about Dubrovnik's history, you can also enjoy the breathtaking views of the city and the Adriatic Sea on a tour that will allow you to learn as much about the series as you do about the city where it was filmed.


· 415 Reviews
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    100% recommendable.
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    A great tour of Dubrovnik and GOT!
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    Game of Thrones is a very good series, there is no doubt about it, and this tour shows how much it was liked worldwide. There were details about it that I didn't know, like that the real Iron Throne was on the island of Lokrum. I loved Dubrovnik as a city apart.
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