Dubrovnik Evening Boat Tour in a 16th-Century Replica Ship

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Experience Highlights

Taking a night cruise in Dubrovnik is a very evocative experience. By choosing this activity, you will board a carrack, a replica of a sailing boat equipped with modern comforts, such as WiFi connection. From the waters, you will be able to appreciate the main monuments of the Croatian city, such as the fortress of St. John or the medieval walls. The boat trip takes about 45 minutes.

  • Admire Dubrovnik's Old Town from the Adriatic Sea
  • Sail on a replica of a 16th century sailing ship.
  • Enjoy a romantic experience

What’s included

  • Night cruise
  • WiFi connection

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Step by Step

This mini cruise is recommended for people looking for a romantic activity or a relaxing experience to end the day. The sailing takes place aboard a carraca, the replica of a large sailing ship used by the Spanish and Portuguese at the time of the great geographical discoveries. The crossing lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Dubrovnik is a city of extraordinary beauty. The old city centre reveals its Venetian origins and juts out into the sea surrounded by mighty walls. The island of Lokrum and Mount Srd protect it from winds and currents, creating a spectacular landscape. At nightfall, palaces, churches, the fortress of St John and other monuments are illuminated, making them all the more evocative.

Dubrovnik's medieval aesthetics made it the setting for "Game of Thrones", turning it into the city of King's Landing. Once on board, you may recognise places seen in the fiction such as Lovrijenac Fortress (Red Keep), Gradac Park (where Joffrey Baratheon's wedding feast takes place) and Bokar Fortress, among others.

The route reaches the modern port of Gruž, located in a sheltered bay about 3 km from the centre. The sailing is accompanied by relaxing background music while the ship is equipped with a WiFi connection.


· 123 Reviews
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    I recommend it.
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    It was a romantic and beautiful cruise I took with my partner!
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    What a great replica! A genius who came up with a night cruise on a ship like this. While it's true it doesn't last very long if you enjoy the activity very much. I took amazing pictures of Dubrovnik from the water. Beautiful city!
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    Exceptional boat!
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