Seaplane Flight to Victoria from Vancouver and Whale Watching Cruise

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Experience Highlights

An excursion combining a seaplane flight and a mini whale watching cruise is a perfect option for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies. During this day you can fly and sail over the Haro Strait, a stretch of ocean that separates Canada from the United States. Here live orcas, whales and their favourite prey. The tour lasts approximately 10 hours and includes a local guide.

  • Take an outdoor activity accompanied by an expert guide.
  • Fly over the Haro Strait and enjoy the scenery.
  • Sail by boat and admire the whales and dolphins up close

What’s included

  • Panoramic seaplane flight
  • Whale watching cruise
  • Hotel pick-up

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Step by Step

This activity combines two unmissable experiences in Vancouver: a scenic flight over the Haro Strait and a whale watching cruise. The tour starts at the Canadian city's harbour - equipped for both water take-offs and landings as well as traditional boats - and lasts approximately 10 hours.

The Haro Strait separates British Columbia from Washington State (USA). During the flight, you will be able to see from the air the killer whales, which come to this stretch of sea to hunt one of their favourite prey: salmon. The mammals dive into the depths to catch the fish, making for an incomparable spectacle.

In addition to the flight, the activity includes navigation in these same waters, which can be done in a traditional boat or in a Zodiac, a semi-rigid inflatable boat without a deck. The choice of boat also depends on weather conditions.

The tour is only available in spring and summer, thebest times for outdoor activities. Some months - such as April, June and September - are quite rainy, but weather permitting, the tour is still possible. In any case, it is recommended to pack a waterproof jacket in your backpack.


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    We loved being able to see the whales, they are amazingly large and give you a sense of awe when you see them so imposing in the sea.
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    Sun hee
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    The view from the plane is truly unique, you can see everything from an amazing angle.
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    The seaplane rides were much more comfortable than we thought they would be, it was almost like a commercial airliner.
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    The cruise is perfect, it took us through unique areas and we were able to see everything without any problems.
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